Create Commands for Fusion360.


3D modeling that integrates CAD/CAM/CAE/rendering from Autodesk "Fusion360" was released in 2016.

We propose "Fusion360" as a 3D modeling toolkit.Now Mold Modeling Commands and Modeling Plus are now available on the App Store

We propose to use "Fusion360" as a front-end system for existing CAD.


1.The price is reasonable.

The initial cost of systems using ACIS and Parasolid is high, so both the initial cost and the development cost are huge. (We have encountered many cases where development was abandoned because they could not bear this expense.)

2.Development environmentAPI(C++,Python) is provided.

3.Various CAD data interfaces are provided。

4.It provides functions equivalent to those of expensive CAD/CAM.We provide commands for Windows64 using C++.

Please consider a dedicated system using Fusion360 at your company.